June 12, 2011

Beta not looking great

Our first beta draw was on Monday, June 6th.  I was so nervous and went into the lab very early to get it over with.  By 9am I decided to call to check the results....

131!!!  This is a nice strong number for 10dp5dt (10 days past 5 day transfer), however the important number is the second beta.  In a healthy pregnancy the beta should double every 48-72 hours. 

So Wednesday morning came and I went in almost exactly 48 hours later.  I called around 8:30am to get the results:  205.  Not wonderful.  This made the doubling time right around that 72 hour mark.  It's not terrible, but we would have liked it higher.  Our RE didn't seem to concerned but I requested another beta for Friday.  We were really hoping for a number close to 400 this time. 

Friday morning I went, had the draw and went home.  Called again around 9 and the results were very discouraging.  267.  :( 

We are trying to remain optimistic but also realistic.  Statistically speaking, it doesn't look good.  But stranger things have happened and I refuse to give up on this bean.  I'm hoping he/she is just a slow grower.

I'm going in again tomorrow for a 4th beta.  It will have been 3 days since the previous draw so I think we would probably want to see a number closer to 600 but that's just my Dr. Google educated guess.

I'm not a very religious person.  I am still trying to figure out what I believe in, but any and all thoughts and prayers are more than appreciated!!!  We're prepared for the worst but hopeful for a miracle.