June 12, 2011

Beta not looking great

Our first beta draw was on Monday, June 6th.  I was so nervous and went into the lab very early to get it over with.  By 9am I decided to call to check the results....

131!!!  This is a nice strong number for 10dp5dt (10 days past 5 day transfer), however the important number is the second beta.  In a healthy pregnancy the beta should double every 48-72 hours. 

So Wednesday morning came and I went in almost exactly 48 hours later.  I called around 8:30am to get the results:  205.  Not wonderful.  This made the doubling time right around that 72 hour mark.  It's not terrible, but we would have liked it higher.  Our RE didn't seem to concerned but I requested another beta for Friday.  We were really hoping for a number close to 400 this time. 

Friday morning I went, had the draw and went home.  Called again around 9 and the results were very discouraging.  267.  :( 

We are trying to remain optimistic but also realistic.  Statistically speaking, it doesn't look good.  But stranger things have happened and I refuse to give up on this bean.  I'm hoping he/she is just a slow grower.

I'm going in again tomorrow for a 4th beta.  It will have been 3 days since the previous draw so I think we would probably want to see a number closer to 600 but that's just my Dr. Google educated guess.

I'm not a very religious person.  I am still trying to figure out what I believe in, but any and all thoughts and prayers are more than appreciated!!!  We're prepared for the worst but hopeful for a miracle.

We're pregnant!

I've been so hesitant to update as I'm just a nervous wreck this time!

We did a frozen embryo transfer (FET) on May 27th.  My IF's had frozen embryos left from the last transfer in November.  We transferred one of each IF's embryos on Friday.  I felt nauseous Saturday morning.  I know everyone says it's impossible to feel pregnancy symptoms so soon after and physiologically speaking, they're right.  However, with both transfer's I felt nauseous the day after the transfer.  I don't think it's necessarily pregnancy symptoms but related to the transfer/implantation, etc.  So when I felt nauseous Saturday morning I had a GREAT feeling about this transfer!  I just knew it was going to be perfect.

Fast forward to Tuesday, June 1st.  I, being a POASaholic, tested everyday from 5dpt (5 days past transfer) and got a very, very faint line the first day.  I was ecstatic and wanted to tell my IF's immediately but I wanted to be sure so I waited until I got a positive result on a digital test.  On Thursday I tested with a digital and it didn't take long for to it show up: "Pregnant".  I was soooooooo happy!  My IF's first wedding anniversary was that weekend so I thought "what a wonderful 1st anniversary gift!"  I took a picture of the test and did a little bit of graphic design to it.  I had it printed and put it in a 5x7 frame.  I shipped it out that day and had paid extra to have it guaranteed to be there by Friday at noon.  My IF's and I had planned to skype on Friday night and have me tell them the results.  They got the packaged and opened it just moments before we skyped.  They were both overcome with joy and so happy to be expecting again. 

I've never felt so proud of my body.