October 5, 2010

Meeting the IP's

Last weekend the IP's (C and R) flew from out east to the mid-west to meet us! 

We met up at a local cafe' that I used to manage.  A locally owned place that offers fresh juices, organic food, and fresh roasted coffee.  It's like my second home.  A wonderful place filled with wonderful people and awesome, unique food.  So Josh, the boys and I spent about an hour at the cafe' with C and R.  We learned a lot about them.  They are both amazing people.  They enjoy a lot of the same things we do and care a lot about good food and good health.  We live similar lifestyles which is a plus.

The boys started to get restless so we invited C and R back to our house for some tea.  They followed us there.  I was nervous about having them to our house.  I am by NO MEANS a good housekeeper.  My kids are messy.  (They're 3 and 1, what do you expect?)  I tried to tidy up the place before having them over.  The other thing is, my house is tiny.  Like, 700 sq ft, tiny.  But it works for us.  And if someone was going to judge us based on those things, I would feel like it wasn't a good fit in the first place.

Luckily they thought our house was beautiful (and quaint, haha!) and it seemed as though they thoroughly enjoyed their time there.  They brought gifts for the boys and chocolate for Josh and I!  (They had already won us over, but this definitely took the cake!) 

How did they know that our 3 year old loved trains so much?  I think they won someone else over too. ;)

They played with the boys and chatted with us.  It was a lovely time and Josh and I felt really good about it all after they left.

I feel like meeting them was meant to happen.  I'm not one to usually believe in things like that, but something tells me that C and R will become life-long friends of ours.

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