October 5, 2010

Why surrogacy?

When I was pregnant with both of my children, I learned as much about pregnancy and childbirth as anyone could.  It became a passion.  I became knowledgeable about everything related to pregnancy and childbirth.  One might say I was obsessed.  I quickly fell in love with the female body and it's amazing power to conceive, house, and expel a tiny human being.  It's all very fascinating to me.

I've since given birth to two of those little beings.  They've become my newest "obsession" but I haven't lost my passion for pregnancy.  After the birth of my second child, I really missed being pregnant.  I told Josh "I want another baby!"  He assured me I didn't want another baby.  I just wanted to be pregnant.

He was right.

Thus began my research on a new topic.  Surrogacy.  Knowing all I knew about pregnancy, labor and childbirth, certainly I could carry someone else's baby, right?

I spent many months researching Surrogacy.  I wanted to be sure I was done nursing my youngest before proceeding with anything so I spent those months learning everything there was to know about it.  When I finally felt it was my time to become a surrogate, I found an agency I really liked and applied to be a Gestational Carrier.  I had a phone interview with the coordinator, who was absolutely lovely, and she quickly accepted me!!  She assured me it would take at least 6 months to match me with IP's (Intended Parents).

Two weeks later I got a call from Jesse that she was presenting my profile to a set of IP's!  I couldn't believe it!  Could it really happen this fast?  A few days later I received another call from Jesse!

They picked me!!!  WHAAAT???

I was truly astonished.  My heart raced and a million questions started going through my mind.  Who are they?  What are they like?  Where do they live?  Why me?

As soon as she told me a little bit about the couple, I knew it was right.  We scheduled a conference call a few days later and I talked to my IP's for nearly 2 hours on the phone.  Within the first five minutes of the conversation, I knew this is what was supposed to happen.  It felt right.

The next couple of weeks were filled with emails back and forth between IP's, Jesse and myself.  A lot of things needed to happen .  Josh and I needed to do some testing: blood work, psych evaluations, etc.  I needed to have a few more tests to make sure my body was a good house for someone else's babe.

Everything checked out and we are now in the contract phase!  We should be signing any day now.

Some say it's a selfless act.  I disagree.  While it's maybe 90% selfless, a little part of me feels like I'm the lucky one.  I love being pregnant.  I get to do what I love while helping another couple add the only thing they need to complete their family: a baby.  Something they wouldn't otherwise be able to have.  I feel truly blessed to be able to offer this to 2 amazing people.

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