November 27, 2010

The joys of POAS


Peeing On A Stick.

Sounds like fun right?  RIGHT!  I think I have peed on approximately 65 pregnancy tests in my life so far.  (I just peed on one this morning!)  It sounds crazy, I know.  But once you do it, you're addicted.  And when you have POAS pushers (a.k.a, the ninja's) you have no choice but to POAS multiple times a day. 

I started POAS at 2dp5dt (2 days past a 5 day transfer).  Normally people don't get a positive until around 5dp5dt, but what fun would it be to wait until day 5?  Peeing on day two gives us something to analyze. 

I got my first very very faint positive on the night of 2dp5dt. (above)  Now, do not be alarmed if you are unable to see it.  When you start POAS enough, your eyes will become automatically trained to find the second line.

On 3dp5dt this is what I got:  (it looks lighter than the previous day.  I've discovered that pee sticks do not like my FMU (first morning urine)). 

On the night of 4dp5dt, I took a FRER (first response early result) which is supposed to be the best, most sensitive test.  It was BFN (big fat negative).  I didn't understand how this was possible. So I ripped open one of my digital tests and peed.  Here's the outcome of that one:

I sent this picture to my IF's and got a call instantly!  They weren't together when they saw it, which was a little disappointing, but it's hard to be disappointed at all when you just found out you're expecting a baby!!!

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  1. I've never done the tons of tests thing (didn't even test at home the first time) but that's because I didn't know it would show . . . my second journey I knew and started around day 4- but only once a day.

    You are right, I think surrogates can see the most faint pink line on any test . . . perhaps agency's should make that part of the screening process- LOL!