November 27, 2010

The "not so fun" family trip

Okay!  I just HAD to update!  It's been killing me not to say anything about my journey these past few weeks. 

We flew down on Saturday the 6th for a transfer on Tuesday the 9th.  Spent a lot of time with R and C and got to know each other better.  The boys just LOVE them and they are soooooo good with the boys. I just know that they will be amazing parents. 

The first night we got there Josh didn't feel well.  He stayed in the hotel while I took the boys our with R and C to eat dinner.  We had a nice dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and Jack LOVED the elephants.  On Sunday Josh was feeling a lot better so we decided to take a drive to the beach (about an hour drive) with the boys and R & C.  We had lunch there and let the boys play in the water.  It was windy and a bit chilly but they didn't care and loved every minute of it.  We got back Sunday afternoon and just stayed around the hotel until dinner, when we met the guys at a quaint little cafe that offered some healthy Mediterranean style meals.  Very enjoyable. 

Monday, possibly my last day of being 'un-pregnant', was the worst day ever!  We spent the morning shopping at the Galleria and got a phone call from C that R was up all night with food poisoning!  Eeep!  Not an hour later, Jack was complaining of a tummy ache.  Uh-oh.  So we headed back to the hotel.  From then on everything went downhill.  Jack was sick, Elliot was sick and I was convinced that I was going to be sick.  By some miracle of God, or Buddha, or Allah, I didn't end up getting sick. (The transfer was set for Tuesday and I didn't want to jeopardize anything by getting sick.)  It was a pretty rough day and evening, but I have THE most amazing husband in the world.  He slept on the pull out couch bed with Jack and Elliot (both of whom were sick) and he let me sleep in the King bed by myself.  Seriously.  What guy does that?  He's truly amazing.  Luckily both boys slept fairly well as did I!! 

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